Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

At Murphy O’Connor Accountants, we have a long history of business and corporate recovery and insolvency services.

We understand the businesses around us and we can advise in relation to corporate recovery plans and advise in relation to insolvency matters.

We can assess the current financial situation of a client. We can negotiate on behalf of the client with banks, creditors and with the Revenue Commissioners to see if there is a viable way forward.

We can also advise in relation to Company Liquidation and the various courses available to Companys who find themselves in an insolvent situation.

We have had many appointments as Liquidators over the years and have vast experience in relation to dealing with Creditors, Revenue Commissioners and Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement on behalf of the Companies we are liquidators for.

We will be happy to meet any client and understand the urgency and time deadlines behind this type of work.